Hey, we’re back from San Francisco! Niles cashed in some airline miles and we took a great little trip out to the Bay area, where we saw and did and ate a lot of awesome things. I’m going to do a quick little series of some of the highlights of our trip.

We’ve been to San Francisco a few times before, and I think each time we had Smuggler’s Cove recommended to us. I was a little reluctant, because it was described as a tiki bar, and tiki bars are usually pretty cheesy. Not that there’s anything wrong with a cheesy tiki bar, I guess, but I was worried, I think, that what the place spends on cheesy decor comes out of their budget for quality spirits, if that makes sense. That we’d be sipping watered down overly sweet drinks out of novelty glasses or something.

But Smuggler’s Cove is something else entirely. Yes, it feels like you’re on the set of a pirate movie, but the drinks are absolutely out of this world. Where my neighborhood’s Longman & Eagle has perfected the art of the whiskey cocktail, and Masa Azul has perfected the art of the tequila cocktail, Smuggler’s Cove has definitely perfected the art of the rum cocktail. The recipes ranged from ancient and historically accurate to creative and experimental, and everything I tasted was thoughtfully crafted and well balanced. This place was absolutely worth the hype, and I’ll definitely be wanting to visit there again the next time we’re out there.

We were very lucky to decide to go there on a Thursday evening, too, where we found seats at the tiny bar easily. We walked past there later that weekend on Saturday, and there was a long line out the door of people waiting to get in.