Remember this place? Full disclosure again: I work for the agency that made all of Pecking Order’s print materials and web design stuff. For how often I bike past this incredible restaurant, I don’t stop in nearly often enough. Pecking Order gets all their chicken from Freebird, so everything’s humanely raised and responsibly fed, and hormone- and antiobiotic-free, and tastes amazing. And Kristine infuses everything with Filipino-inspired spices – arancini made with coconut rice and adobo chicken, rotisserie chicken basted with annatto and calamansi – and a carafe of boozy punch with floating slices of jackfruit really completes the meal.

Anyway, it’s a phenomenal restaurant and I enjoyed every minute of working on their logo and menu and website. I love it when my work-related duties and my off-the-clock passions intersect like this!