I’ve always been kind of miffed that there are so many different kinds of mushrooms in the world, and yet most grocery stories I’ve been to have maybe three varieties, if I’m lucky. When we were at the Dupont Circle farmers market in DC during SPX weekend, there was a booth that sold lots of different kinds of mushrooms, some pretty amazing, strange and alien looking ones, and I really wanted to try buying some, but I didn’t think there was any way I’d get past airport security with them, so I chickened out.

This is an abridged list of all of the mushrooms I know I’ve eaten. At most grocery stores by me, I can find Cremini/Portabella and white buttons. At Joong Boo and the other Asian groceries I know of, I can usually find shiitake and enokitake, and canned straw mushrooms. My farmers market has Portabella, shiitake and oyster, and I’m sure there are specialty stores in Chicago where I could find one or two other varieties, but… well, the options are depressingly limited.

I have a ton of freelance work to plow through this week, so I’ll keep this brief – but I did a painting for Yusho recently (I’ve been doing comics for their newsletter! You can sign up for it on their website, there’ll be new one going out this Friday) about matsutake mushrooms, and in researching it I learned so many amazing things, so I might have to do a Sauceome or two about them!