So, I’ve exhibited at SPX before, and it’s really and truly a great show, but it’s also really and truly in the heart of one of this nation’s abscesses, an ocean of strip malls and office parks, and almost nothing resembling culture. I learned years ago that if you want anything worth noshing, you gotta get on the Metro and go somewhere else. Saturday night, Lucy suggested Jaleo, the brainchild of Chef José Andrés, which was fortunately only a few stops away from the convention on the red line. We ate lots of delicious food and drank lots of Sangria that night. Sunday morning we got up early to hit the Dupont Circle farmers market, where I filled up on cheese samples and squirreled away some incredible seafood empanadas to munch on behind our booth at SPX. And Sunday night, Corinne’s brother Alex found us this amazing place, Pizzeria Orso. It was kind of ridiculous – the design of the place is truly awful, the identity and logo are a farce, and the website is almost a joke. But the food, my god, the food. It was surprisingly creative, impeccably prepared and plated, and it tasted as phenomenal as it looked. Someone needs to build these poor people a website that more accurately represents the quality of their food and service, because if Alex hadn’t done his research, I would absolutely have assumed it was a cruddy second-rate family pizza place. I was even looking around for a stand-up Ms. Pac-Man game.