Whaaaaat? I have to make all my own comics again??

Well, I’m back, guys! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who made guest comics for me this time around!! I loved each and every one of them, and I’m pretty lucky to have so many talented people around me.

Anyway, I had a really, really great time at SPX this year, I got to hang out a lot with noted awesome people Lucy Knisley and (Ignatz winner!) Corinne Mucha, and I met some really amazing people and saw some really incredible work. Corinne was sweet enough to invite me to stay with her and her brother in Arlington, and if you have met her you might already know that she is never far away from a few squares of delicious dark chocolate. And as it turns out, pear slices and sun butter and yogurt and a square of dark chocolate make for a damn fine breakfast.