Here’s the last guest comic! It’s fitting that we’re ending with Corinne Mucha, because she and I are probably heading home from SPX as you’re reading this, where we had tables next to each other, and where Corinne won an Ignatz Award, due to her unrelenting awesomeness.

Corinne is one of my very favorite people ever, and this comic should give you at least some idea why. She sent me this comic, and I emailed her back professions of love and devotion. I think I need a print of this comic, hanging in my bathroom, forever and always.

Corinne’s got a lot of great books for sale here, which you should definitely check out, and she posts a lot of comics here on her blog, and you can also follow her on twitter, where she is routinely pretty hilarious.

And that’s it for guest comics! You’ve gotta put up with me and my dumb comics again from now on.