I met Stephanie Lantry at this year’s San Diego Comicon, because we had adjoining tables in the Small Press section. She makes some great comics, and she also shares my adoration of Kanji Tatsumi, which makes you a solid gold Awesome Person in my book. I love this comic, partially because it’s gorgeous, but also partially because I am largely unschooled in the proper ways of making coffee. We have a drip machine at home and an espresso machine in the office, but other than that I’m really no good at things like French press or even stovetop espresso, like this. I don’t normally put a lot of care or thought into how I get caffeinated, but this comic makes me think I should look into changing that.

Stephanie’s site is here! And she and Carrie Smith make an incredible comic that I really love, called To the Power Against, which you can pick up here.