So the awesome Eliza Frye surprised me with a box of giant Reed avocados this week. As a side note, if you want to make me deliriously happy, a box of avocados will pretty much do the trick.

Anyway, Reeds have a thicker skin, so it’s apparently pretty easy to let them go overripe, according to the “Avocado Care” pamphlet that came in the box. Sunday morning, they were all pretty much as ripe as they could be, all five of them. I thought about making them into the world’s largest bowl of guacamole and inviting people over for an impromptu guacamole party, but in the end I decided to try freezing some of them. So three of them are pureed and in the freezer now. I haven’t ever tried this technique before, so we’ll find out together if it works.

I did manage to consume the bulk of one of the two remaining Reeds today – I put about half of it on a salad and made a small bowl of guacamole with the rest. I didn’t have a Hass avocado next to it to compare, but just instinctively, the Reed avocado seems to have a slightly smoother and creamier texture, and the taste was milder, more balanced, maybe a little less buttery than the Hass. It was immensely easy to peel. It’s a much bigger avocado than a Hass, but it’s also got a larger ratio of flesh to pit; the three I pureed easily filled two decently sized tupperware containers.

There’s one more left now, and only about a day or so before it turns bad. Looks like tomorrow’s lunch will be avocado-heavy!

PS: Guess what, everybody! Next week I’m going to start running a batch of guest comics! I’ve already got most of them, and they’re pretty darn amazing. I haven’t scheduled them all yet, but it looks like they’ll fill a good two weeks worth of comics, and I’ll probably be posting them every weekday instead of just Monday/Wednesday/Friday. So get ready!