Okay. Now I’ll stop talking about the pigs. Promise.

Since I live in Logan Square, and I work in Rogers Park, I’m almost never downtown; which means I almost never see Chicago’s food trucks. So this was a treat for me! There were a good half dozen or so at the warehouse sale: The Southern Mac & Cheese truck, Big Star’s truck, Beyond Borders, Meatloaf Bakery’s truck, and a few more that I’ve unfortunately forgotten. They were so pretty and colorful parked all together! At the office I’ve been working on the design for a new food truck that’s going to hit Chicago in a few weeks, so it was really interesting to see how differently they were all designed.

So we ate our delicious tacos, ran into some people we knew, and would have stayed to hang out longer if we didn’t have perishables that needed refrigeration! The whole day was really awesome, amazing foodie fun. I hope JDY Gourmet has a sale like this again!