JEEZ SARAH SHUT UP ABOUT THE PIG ALREADY. I mean, seriously. How would you even prepare it? You have no experience cooking entire pigs. LEAVE IT.

This isn’t even all of the things that we got – our bags were pretty full when we left, and not all of it fit on the page. I’m really excited about the tangerine vinegar, because I bet I can make some amazing salad dressing out of at least some of it. Besides the black summer truffle sauce, we also got a truffle honey, and a truffle mustard, so there’s been a significant increase in the amount of truffley things in the kitchen. I am a teency bit disappointed in the garlic paste, because I was expecting it to be a lot more intensely garlicky, but it’s still great. Oh, and the chocolate covered cacao nibs are almost gone, of course. And yes I realize they are just chocolate covered chocolate, and yes that is what makes them awesome.