I’m not sure how long ago it was that I started making my own salad dressings. It might have been after a friend’s wedding, where they served a salad at the reception with an amazing champagne vinaigrette on it, and I wanted to replicate it. It might have been after reading the ingredients on a dozen bottles of dressing from the store and seeing some form of corn syrup in all of them. Either way, it’s easy, fast and delicious to make a single serving of fresh salad dressing to put on your salad, and it’s a lot of fun to experiment.

All of these are some form of vinaigrette – meaning the base is some kind of oil and some kind of vinegar. I like making wasabi and sriracha vinaigrettes when my salad has shrimp and citrus on it; I like making mustard and blue cheese vinaigrettes when I’m topping a salad with grilled chicken and walnuts. Not long ago Niles made me a whole tupperware full of roasted garlic clove vinaigrette that was just amazing. You can experiment with different vinegars, different oils, different flavor balances, and different ingredients. I tend to favor honey over the vinegar in most of mine, because I like a touch of sweet, but you can just as easily add a little more vinegar to make it a little more tart. You can do anything you want, and you’re no longer limited to the three bottles of salad dressing that have been sitting in your fridge door for who knows how long.