So here’s the recipe for Niles’s mayo-less potato salad! It’s not very healthy, obviously, but it is awfully delicious. Bacon and blue cheese play so well together, and the crisp on the grilled potatoes is well worth the extra effort. True story: Niles grilled them on our little Foreman grill, in multiple batches, because we don’t have an outdoor grill. I asked Niles once if he wanted to get one, and he said he didn’t see the point since we had a perfectly serviceable source of heat in the stove. Which isn’t really the best answer – especially to someone like me, who grew up in Texas with a dad who grilled outside almost weekly – but honestly it doesn’t make sense for us to get a grill when we have a tiny back porch, and we don’t really grill that often.

Anyway! I do highly recommend this recipe. It’s an interesting and refreshing new take on your typical picnicky potato salad.

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