Is she still going on about avocados? Yes, yes she is.

I actually really recommend that emergency guacamole recipe if you’re experiencing sharp guacamole cravings and you have avocados and some kind of salsa. It’ll do just fine in a pinch, but of course nothing will compare to real, fresh guacamole. Even with the lime, avocados go brown really quickly, so be sure not to make more than you’re planning on eating or sharing in one sitting, because it won’t keep. And you can substitute milder peppers than serrano – or none at all – if you’re not a fan of spice.

So! This might be the end of my little avocado arc. For the time being, anyway!

In other news, I’ll be exhibiting in Artists’ Alley at Chicago Wizard World next weekend. Come by if you’re there! I’ll put up a map and booth number soon.