Sorry guys!! Longman is usually packed, so if there’s seats open when we pass it, the temptation to duck in there is pretty strong. The Bourbon Bramble was amazing, but I got one of the last ones, and they’re out of the housemade blackberry cordial now, so I can’t even recommend it to you. And the Last Exit was remarkable as well, but I have scoured L&E’s twitter and facebook and blog and I can’t find the recipe, and all I remember is that it was whiskey based and delicious.

To start we had soft shell crab, and sweetbreads. Then Niles had some Kentucky fried quail, and some of the most decadent cornbread I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. I had the porchetta on a bed of corn-bacon risotto, and I will be dreaming happy dreams about that dish for a long while. And then for dessert we had the “1987”, which had a white chocolate and lime biscuit, passionfruit mousse, and curry frozen yogurt! It was all great, but the curry frozen yogurt blew me away. I realize this description is probably annoying when I didn’t draw any of it, and instead scrawled out this whiskey-fueled embarrassment of a comic, but I’ll do better for Friday’s comic, I promise.

I do not normally get this whiskeyed up on a weeknight, especially not with an extra-long Wednesday ahead of me, but it’s nice once in a while. I mean, we weren’t drunk by any means; the cocktails were potent but pretty small. Still, the older I get, the dumber it is to say “yes” to shots. They’re hard to turn down, especially when they’re offered for free by a bartender, and they come charged with layers of camaraderie, generosity and gemütlichkeit. I’ve been pretty smart about turning them down in recent months, but not this time, I guess. Let this comic be a reminder to me of why it’s okay to say no sometimes.