If you are in the northern, less temperate parts of this continent, you might be thinking to yourself, “there’s more than one kind of avocado?” Here in Chicago we get Haas avocados. It’s the most commercially available avocado, it can be grown year round in some places, and it travels well and has a long shelf life. So if you’re in the northern midwest or the northeast US, you’re probably seeing Haas at your supermarket. Occasionally, very occasionally, you can find one or two other varieties, maybe Gwen, maybe an unnamed “lower calorie” Florida variety. So it can come as a surprise to lifelong northerners that there are other kinds, much less dozens and dozens of varieties out there. The ones I’ve drawn here are mostly California and Florida varieties, but Mexico produces avocados, so does Hawaii, all over South America; even China and Indonesia grow avocados.

I really wanted to try to get my hands on a bunch of different kinds of avocado while we were in San Diego for Comic-Con, but there wasn’t much time for anything. So I think I’m going to have to mail-order a bunch and have an avocado tasting party. Who’s in?

In other news: SDCC is over, and I finally feel like I’ve caught up on sleep. I have two more cons this year – Chicago Wizard World and SPX – and I think next year I’m going to restrict myself to local conventions and take it easy for a while.

In other, other news: I am working on a new graphic novel that is mostly written and I want to get started drawing it, and I think it’s going to require taking a break from Sauceome to jumpstart that project. So! It’s time for another round of guest comics!! The last time I did this I got ten awesome comics from people (they start here, if you want to see them again). I haven’t quite come up with dates yet for when I’d want them to run, but it would be at least a month before they’d be due. If you’re interested in contributing a guest comic, email me!