I’m back from San Diego Comic-Con! It was crazy, it was fun, it was insanely chaotic, it was stressful, it was rewarding. I sold more than I’ve sold at any convention to date, but I didn’t sell nearly enough to justify all the costs of going out there. Still, I’m really glad I went, even if I never go back again. The atmosphere was unbelievable, it was like Mardi Gras. Or, Nerdi Gras, as Niles put it.

Anyway, I’m exhausted, but happy. As always happens with these conventions, no I did not have time to see/do/visit anything that people are supposed to see/do/visit when they go to San Diego, because I was working behind a table the entire time. I did get to eat some pretty amazing food, and I met some much more amazing people and made some new comics friends, and even managed to get one or two new comics to read! I’m super mega bigtime happy to be back home, though.