This is a thought process that runs through my mind at least a few times a week. Fortunately, it’s much better than it used to be. A year or two ago, every single thought balloon in this comic would have read “I feel fat and ugly”. I thought about making that version of this page for comparison, but even thinking about it depressed me. It’s nice to see how far I’ve come with this stuff.

Because, in the end, I really do have so many more important and interesting things to occupy my mind. Like making comics, or cooking, or spending time with my friends, or writing stories, or riding my bike, or learning Japanese, orĀ playing with watercolors. If I spent all my brain-juice thinking about dieting and finding desperate, urgent methods to lose as much weight as fast and as visibly as possible, I wouldn’t have much time or energy for any of the good stuff, the important stuff; the things that a full and fun and complete life are made up of.

Best just to keep thinking about comics and bikes and watercolors and try to remember to eat a little bit better every day. Because when I die, no one’s going to get up at my funeral and talk about my BMI, you guys. And if you do, I will come back as a ghost, and laugh at you and mock you loudly and mercilessly for having such messed up priorities. And that’s a pinkyswear.