Did you know that our farmer’s market was voted the best in Chicago? It’s true! I couldn’t even fit everything we got on Sunday onto one page. The green garlic pesto is incredibly addictive, by the way. Quality stuff! Things that did not make the cut: Five cheese garlic spread, grass-fed Italian sausage, grass-fed sirloin steak. I think that’s it? The zucchini and the green parts of the spring onions are already in a pasta salad, and I can’t wait to make the portobello sloppy joes. Being the northern Midwest, there’s a bunch of produce we don’t have at our farmer’s market just yet – there are tomatoes, and berries, but there’s no big onions or squash or carrots yet. Still, the young greens and onions, the eggs and meat and cheeses and mushrooms, there’s more than enough great stuff to buy and eat.


NEWS: I will be exhibiting at San Diego Comic-ConMORE NEWS: I am seriously kind of terrified about exhibiting at San Diego Comic-Con. But I’m very excited about the multiple varieties of avocados you can find in southern California, and that’s mostly overriding the anxiety. (I want to get as many of them as I can find, and have a taste-test! If I am successful, you know it will be a Sauceome comic.) Eliza Frye and I are exhibiting together, we’ll have a table in artists’ alley and a table in the small press section, and you’ll be able to find both of our books at both tables. Come out and find us!! I’ll be the one breathing into a paper bag.

SLIGHTLY MORE NEWS: At Comic-Con, I’ll be doing little custom watercolors for people, I will have not one but TWO new Sauceome prints, and I’ll also have a few Pokémon prints!