I’ve done more than a few comics about Yusho, I know… but to be fair, if they’d stop being so tasty, I’d stop having to draw pictures of their awesome food all the time.

Yusho decided to start doing Sunday Noodles, which made me extremely happy. “Noodle brunch!” I told Niles. Which then, in my head, became “nudibranch“, which has nothing to do with noodles or brunch, but it’s a word (and a group of animals) I’ve always liked. But enough about how my crazy brain works.

This past Sunday might not have been the best day to do it, with a high near 90, crazy high humidity, and absolutely no wind. I do not do well in the heat, I was wearing a big straw hat and carrying an umbrella for shade, and I had on three layers of sunscreen, and I seriously felt like I was melting. A hot bowl of noodles and broth might not have been the smartest idea, except that it was Yusho, and it was absolutely delicious. For $20, you get a bowl of noodles, a drink, and ice cream. I chose the ramen.┬áThe “Logan Poser Ramen” comes with a soft boiled egg, plenty of sliced green onions, pork jowl two sheets of nori, and a skewer of fried shredded pork shoulder. The broth was creamy and delicate, the pork was melty and perfectly cooked. The cocktail on draught was a Paloma, which served as a tangy and summery counterpoint to the steaming bowl of noodles. And the ice cream was a perfect finish to the meal – green cardamom soft serve, with a tart rhubarb compote and crunchy crystallized ginger.

I think I’m going to be a lot more excited for Noodle Brunch once summer ends and the weather cools off, but it was still amazingly delicious.