For CAKE this past weekend, I decided to treat myself to a few nice things, including this lovely dress (custom made to my measurements! with pockets! I love dresses with pockets.) and this gorgeous TARDIS fascinator. It lights up! I have decided it is the perfect outfit for tabling at comic book conventions, so if you come see me at one, I will most likely be wearing this. When I first tried the dress on, I spent a few moments terrified and concerned that I’d picked a dress that was terrible for my body type, that it wasn’t flattering, that I looked horrible in it. And then I shrugged, and decided that it probably wasn’t true – but even on the off chance that it was, it was a great dress, it was immensely comfortable, and it made me happy.

Actually, I’m kind of amazed it was that easy to throw my feelings of fatness or ugliness to the wind. It certainly didn’t used to be like this. And of course, I haven’t seen any photos of me in the dress, all bets are off if/when that happens…. although, I also think it’s been a lot easier for me to be forgiving of myself in photos lately. It’s amazing how much my thought patterns have changed since I started making this comic. It’s not like I don’t still have those feelings of inadequacy, that certainty that I’m offending everyone with my fatness or ugliness – they’re just so much easier to dismiss now.

And then I spent the entire day getting compliment after compliment on the dress, so I figure I can’t have looked that bad. I wonder how much my confidence and happiness had to do with that.

Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchase, and I’ve already ordered myself another dress from these people. Thumbs up! I highly recommend them to anyone who’s ever had trouble finding an adorable dress that actually fits.