FULL DISCLOSURE: I am totally biased about this place. I work for the agency that’s been doing all of Pecking Order’s print materials and web design stuff, so I am far from impartial here. But Lucy Knisley and I got to sample a whole bunch of their food tonight and it was all amazing. The arancini are made with coconut adobo rice and topped with the most amazing green onion and garlic sauce. The chicken is remarkably juicy and has delicious notes of soy and garlic. The grilled corn, Pecking Order’s take on elotes, with a punchy lime mayo and sprinkled with cotija, is just decadent. The City Bird sandwich is topped with pickled jicama, daikon, ginger and carrot; a perfectly cooked fried egg, and a thin spread of pâté; and the grilled pandesal bread it comes on has a surprisingly delicate texture, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The cocktails were amazing, the food was amazing, the service was amazing, but you guys. YOU GUYS. The gravy. The gravy was out of this world. We wanted to put it on everything. We wanted to steal it and take it home. We wanted to do shots of it. The gravy will change your life.

Pecking Order opens on Saturday, June 16, by the way. Go get your fill of of chicken and boozy punch!

Today’s comic is a collaboration between me and Lucy, you guys! Lucy’s in town for CAKE, we’ll both be exhibiting there this weekend, and we’re both speaking on panels. You should come by! Lucy’s work is incredible, if you haven’t already seen it. You should probably go buy all of it.