On Tuesday, we went down to Roots Pizza in Ukrainian Village. “They make Quad Cities Style Pizza,” Niles said. I was – forgive me, QC-ers – only vaguely aware of where the Quad Cities are, and which cities comprise them, and I certainly didn’t know they have their own style of pizza. If Roots Pizza is as authentic as it claims, Quad City style pizza is excellent. The crust is mild and sweet, and really the perfect combination of crisp and chewy. It’s thin, but not as drastically thin as St. Louis style pizza (which, don’t get me started, I love St. Louis but I’m pretty sure St. Louis style pizza is an elaborate practical joke). The sauce is spicy and salty enough to create a nice counterpoint to the sweeter crust, and it’s thin enough to not be overwhelming. The cheese – well, there’s a lot of cheese, which I normally don’t care for – but the cheese on the pizza we had was really good quality mozzarella, it was melty and tasty, and not at all greasy or oily. The square cut pieces are nice, and each slice is connected to the crust (unlike Chicago square-cut pizza).

All in all, it’s an extraordinarily well-balanced mix of flavors and textures, I was really impressed. Go QCP!