I got glasses! I have always kind of wished to have glasses – as a person with pretty decent vision up til now, they were a fancy accessory that I was not allowed to wear. And now my eyesight, after years of computer work and drawing, is finally bad enough to need them! Yay?

I have this tendency to pick up a crazy article of clothing in a thrift store and sort of chuckle about how CRAZY it is, and put it back on the rack – only to return in five minutes having decided I MUST HAVE IT. That’s what these glasses were like. They’re a little cartoonish, and the first time I tried them on I chuckled at them, and moved on. And then tried them on again, and again, until I had to admit to myself that I was secretly in love with them.

And then of course later that week I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and immediately questioned my judgement, and spent an afternoon convinced they were stupid and they made me look stupid, until I ran into Randi on my way home and she told me how great they were.

When I first got my nose pierced, ages ago, I went around showing it off to people. A lot of people – too many people – were convinced that it wasn’t new, and that I had had it all along, which led me to conclude that it was less “my new piercing” and more “that thing that was missing from my face”. Enough people have reacted the same way to my glasses – they’re SURE they’ve seen me in glasses before, are you sure this pair is even new? – that I’m starting to think of my glasses the same way. They’re not my new glasses – they’re just the thing that was missing from my face before.