…So now we have everything we need to make kolaches! My neighborhood farmers market opens in a week and a half, I think I’ll be looking for sweet things to bake into these. I’m kind of embarrassed that I’ve never tried to make kolaches before, since they were such a part of my childhood, and since they’re such a part of my heritage.

Actually, speaking of fillings, one of my personal favorite kolache fillings is poppy seed! Poppy seed is a pretty traditional filling for breads and cakes in central and eastern European cuisine. I know you can get giant poppy seed rolls at the Polish markets up the street from me, so I’m guessing you could probably also get the canned poppy seed filling for kolaches there. Just don’t try to pass any drug tests after eating one.

I’d like to say a HUGE thanks to Beckie!! Give Beckie a round of applause everyone, for being an awesome baker, for spending I don’t know how long testing and perfecting this recipe, and for being kind enough to write it all down for us. Everyone say thank you, Beckie!