So here’s Beckie’s recipe for kolaches, via Grandmommy Becan. I had to leave a few things out for space, which I’ll cover here – if you want to make klobasneky instead of kolache, it’s the same recipe for the dough. Just wrap it around your favorite meat instead of rolling it out into circles, and place them seam-down on the baking sheet. What else? Oh, Beckie sent me her version of our grandmother’s recipe, but she also sent me a variation that tastes a bit more like the donut shop version – it’s not as authentic, she says, but it’s just as delicious, but I’m tempted to just leave it at Grandmommy’s recipe and call it a day. Also, this recipe makes about 48 kolaches, she says.

Did I forget anything, Beckie? :)

NEXT UP: fillings!! Possibly the best part of the kolache!