When Corinne and I got to Toronto, we were wondering if we should hit one of the TCAF parties on Friday night, when Corinne looked up the St. Lawrence Market. Corinne has a habit of checking out the farmers market in whatever city she’s doing a convention in. Apparently, the market was closed Sundays and Mondays (the only other days we would be in Toronto) so if we wanted to see it, we’d have to go early, early Saturday morning, before TCAF opened.

TCAF opened at 9:00 am. We were expected to be there at 8:30. We’d have to get up and leave the hotel by 6:30 if we wanted to have at least an hour at the market. Fortunately, we were just crazy enough to do it. And when I told Lucy about our plans, she and her mom decided to come with! So we’re not the only crazy ones. And it was absolutely worth it – National Geographic says the St. Lawrence market is the best food market in the WORLD, and for good reason. At first we thought it was only the farmer’s market part, but even that was amazing. Caribou, elk, artisanal breads and pastries and sausages, whole pigs, farm fresh eggs, and gorgeous vegetables as far as the eye can see. And just when we thought we had gotten a good look at everything, we realized there was a WHOLE OTHER BUILDING. Which was much, much larger than the farmer’s market part.

Unfortunately I didn’t buy much – we had just gotten to Toronto, I didn’t have much Canadian money on me, and honestly I wasn’t sure how much I could bring back across the border, seeing as most of it was perishable. I did buy an assortment of delicious bread rolls, including a beet roll, a potato roll, a butternut squash roll, and more… and I got a stick of elk jerky too (tasty!) and a little pastry of sweet cherry tomatoes, pesto and prosciutto, which was delicious. I pretty much ate all of it during the convention. If this market had been open on Monday morning, I would have spent all my comics money on food, I can tell you that much.

Toronto, you guys should be proud. St. Lawrence Market is amazing!

Hey, this seems as good a time as any to remind you guys that I have a few Sauceome prints and originals for sale, as well as some books and other things too!