On Sunday, after Okonomi dogs at Japadog, we headed to Forbidden Planet, and from there to Big Gay Ice Cream‘s shop (their food truck is in the garage until summer starts). That’s a cross-section of the “Salty Pimp” I drew there – the whole thing is drizzled in caramel, sprinkled with crunchy salt, and dipped in a delicious chocolate shell. It was just as amazing as it sounds, if a little unmanageably sloppy. After I ordered, Lucy reminded me that I could have gotten the inside of the cone coated with Biscoff spread. I regret not doing that, but I do wonder if it would have just made my head explode from sheer joy.

I should note that I’m back from MoCCA, and also back from TCAF, so I still have some catching up to do on travel comics here – but now that I’m home from two weeks of conventions and traveling and eating on buses and planes and behind tables, I find myself more than a little hungry for greens and veggies and fruits. And full nights of sleep.