Sunday night after Mocca we ended up at Japadog, in St. Mark’s Place. They apparently started as a humble hot dog cart in Vancouver, and now they have 6 locations, including the one we visited. They serve hot dogs with a delicious Japanese flair, including a yakiniku dog; a tonkatsu pork dog; one with teriyaki and mayo; daikon and shoyu; sliced onion and plum sauce. And then there’s this marvel of the modern world: the Okonomi Dog. Amazing Kurobuta pork, sweet and tangy okonomiyaki sauce, buttery Japanese style mayonnaise and a generous pile of delicate bonito flakes. It was phenomenal! Honestly, it tasted just like okonomiyaki, or takoyaki, only with a hot dog underneath it.

We got our dogs with a side of wasabi-dusted french fries, which were also amazing. In fact, the only flaw I can see in this restaurant is that they don’t have a Chicago location. I can’t be traipsing off to NYC or Vancouver every time I want one of these!