Hey, I’m back! My insane back-to-back conventions are over, and I’m not going anywhere for a while, so let’s get this comic back on track. We have a lot of catching up to do!

I’m kind of amazed at how much NYC (and specifically how much NYC food-eatin’) we packed into three tiny days during MoCCAfest. So Friday night was soft shell crab and Indian burritos, and Saturday was delicious, delicious baos at Baohaus (that’s the Chairman Bao, Chicken Adobo Bao, and Haus Bao), “sonic screwdrivers” at a Steampunk/Doctor Who bar in Brooklyn, and tasty foldy NYC pizza, at a place that was briefly in the first Spider-man movie, on our tipsy way back to Lucy’s place. (Have I mentioned how great Lucy is? because she’s pretty amazingly great.)

At the end of the night we had covered a lot of ground, and we were exhausted but sated and extremely happy, and we had peed inside a TARDIS-bathroom. Success!