Guys, I tried so hard to do another comic for you, but I fly out for Toronto early in the morning, and I need to finish packing for TCAF, and do laundry and another thousand little things. So again, I’ll be skipping a comic while I’m off trying to sell comics. At least I managed to squeeze this one out between cons, right? Guys, don’t let me ever try to do two conventions in a row again.

So MoCCA was lots of fun, I met some amazing new people at Drink and Draw, we had a phenomenal time staying with Lucy, and there was all sorts of excellent food to eat. It was a super brief trip, and I’m really amazed at how much we were able to fit into it.

Anyway, Niles has always been a night owl, and I have always been a morning person, and when we got back to Lucy’s place after Drink & Draw I could have fallen asleep right there. I was already pajamafied and my teeth were brushed! But I’m a pretty good sport, and Lucy and Niles convinced me that Indian burritos were worth investigating, and boy were they ever! Fingers crossed none of the smart looking fashionable people out having fun in the West Village on Friday night noticed my ratty sneakers, messy hair and pajama shirt under my coat.

Okay! I’m off to Canadia, people! If you’re in the Toronto area, come and say hello! I’m at table 234, between Lucy and Corinne!