After our delicious lunch at Big Star on Friday, Niles and I tooled around, went to a comics shop, a record store, and stopped at Half Italian on our way home. It’s a relatively new addition to the neighborhood, an Italian deli and grocer. They sell local produce, imported Italian goods, cured meats, cheeses, fresh pasta, and lots more. Plus, they’ll make you a tasty sandwich and an espresso! It’s good stuff, friendly staff, and definitely worth the visit.

I mentioned I’ll be at MoCCA festival this weekend, right? I’ll be at table G2, with lots of awesome books and original art. I’m also doing TCAF in Toronto the VERY NEXT WEEKEND because I am clearly some kind of glutton for punishment. Some friends were asking me earlier if I was stressed, and I kept saying no, because I didn’t think I was. But then a UPS shipment went (briefly) missing this morning and I just about flipped right out of my brain. And on my way home tonight, I tried to stop at Nhu Lan for some tasty banh mi sandwiches, only they were closed, and it almost brought me to tears. So, clearly I’m not handling this as well as I thought. This should be fun!