Between releasing Shuteye, Niles’s surgery, Zinefest, C2E2, and everything else that’s been taking up my time, I hadn’t gotten a haircut since January. JANUARY. I’ve been sweeping my bangs aside and pinning them back and trying to ignore my ratty split ends, and finally I got off my butt and made an appointment for a haircut. It’s amazing how much better I feel now that that’s done! I think that I wasn’t taking quite as good care of myself when my hair felt sloppy; I wasn’t putting as much effort into what I wore or how I carried myself, I wasn’t keeping the house as tidy, and I didn’t even really notice it until I finally made the appointment. It’s kind of amazing how if you take care of yourself in one aspect, it makes you want to look after yourself in other ways too.

Anyway. My bangs are tidy and funky and I can see out from under them again, and I think I walked a few inches taller on the way home tonight.