CAVEAT: Ramps are not for the faint of heart, you guys, especially when you take three bunches of them and puree them and then eat a whole bunch. No one wants to french kiss me tonight, I’ll tell you that much.

I’ve been thinking about what could make it a little milder… I guess you could try sauteeing the ramps first, but roasting or blanching them would probably be better. Any of those ways would take the edge off a little. I mean, if you’re a little tiny baby kitten and don’t want to have a kickass dragon mouth that’s on fire with rampy awesomeness.

I was kind of surprised at how sweet it turned out – I ended up adding more cheese and salt than I was planning on, to balance it out.

So Niles came home from work as I was finishing up this comic, and he said, “Someone better not have used up all the ramps tonight!” I proudly proclaimed that I had used all of them for the pesto, and he said: “You used both bags?” GUYS THERE IS ANOTHER BAG OF RAMPS IN MY FRIDGE. What shall become of it?