“God,” I said, as I was coloring this comic, “I sure could go for some ramen right now.”

“Do we need to have a ramen-tervention for you?” Niles asked.

I cobbled this recipe together from a few different online sources, and I’ve tried it twice now and it worked beautifully both times. The trick is definitely in the timing – it’s a lot easier to work with if you have a gas range than an electric one, where you can change the heat level quickly. And of course, the timing should be adjusted for the size of your eggs and the size of the pot, but this is definitely a good place to start. The eggs come out beautifully, with firm whites and delicious, perfectly creamy yolks.

Marinating can be hard, because boiled eggs like to float, so it’s tough to get an even marinade. There are some tricks, though: some people suggest marinating the eggs in a ziploc bag, and one site recommended putting a paper towel on top of the bowl, so the towel soaks up the soy broth and holds it over the top of the eggs.

So! Step one in making my own tonkotsu ramen, check. I was skimming some recipes for the broth, and some of them take like 10 hours, so who knows if I’ll ever manage to make it. In the meantime, we found a halfway decent ramen broth mix at Joong Boo, and the eggs make a nice topping for that.