Niles and I peeked into Yusho tonight for a few delicious cocktails and tasty nibbles. I did a comic about them when they first opened, and they’re not any less intriguing or amazing now. The presentation of the little duck breast skewer was half the fun, with the delicate little hon shimeji mushrooms coming out of the top like they were growing on a log. The Hama Hama oyster was as big as a shoe! It was grilled in the shell, then opened and dressed with the tiniest shreds of bacon and an aged ginger-infused soy sauce.

These were both amazing, amazing dishes, but the soft serve ice cream really bowled us both over. The ice cream itself was black sesame, it was a distinct flavor but much more subtle than I was expecting, and only mildly sweet. The toppings were strong black sesame and coffee, and the smokiness and bitter flavors interplayed well with the sweet. We nearly licked the bowl!

We sat at the bar this time, and while (as a shorter person) the unusually tall barstools were a little scary to climb up, the experience was great. You have a full view of the grill and most of the kitchen, and it was fascinating to watch the cooks prepare everything. It’s great fun!

NEWS: I’ll be at C2E2 this Friday, the (zomgz) 13th, signing at the Chicago Comics table! I’m right before Jhonen Vasquez, so I’m already preparing embarrassing, stammering speeches about how I quite like Squee, it’s really funny, you’re cool, insert awkward giggling and blushes. Anyway, I’ll have the new Shuteye book and Ouija Interviews, as well as some Sauceome prints, so you should come and say hello!