SO. I should have uploaded this last night, but I was very tired. I spent all day Saturday drawing superheroes for Free Comic Book Day, and all night Saturday playing accordion for people, and Sunday morning I had an interview with the lovely Rose of Gapers Block. When I got home, I said, “My obligations for the weekend are through, now I can relax!”

At which time Niles pointed out that when most people say “relax” they don’t mean “repotting two plants, doing three loads of laundry and gocco-printing a new batch of business cards”. So I stopped being productive and ended up taking a long bath, watching 6 episodes of Dollhouse, and playing Persona 3 for an hour. This page was drawn but I couldn’t even summon the energy to scan it.

Anyway, SCALLOPS. Niles got me some nice big scallops and I ate some of them Friday night and the rest of them on Sunday. Apparently they are on special now at his Whole Foods (the boyfriend works at Whole Foods, have I mentioned that? They give that 20% off discount card to domestic partners, it’s quite nice) and I’m hoping he brings home some more. I think today (Monday’s) page is going to be all about how great scallops are. Maybe this whole week will be Scallop Week!