So, Niles has this running joke, where whenever I tell him I can’t think of something to draw for Sauceome, he suggests doing a comic about an oil rig. It’s from some inside joke he had with a friend in college, I don’t remember exactly what it was. But every time I ask him for ideas, he says “oil rig.” He thinks it’s pretty funny. So tonight when I said, I want your help writing a Sauceome comic, he asked excitedly “Is it about an oil rig?”

No, but it IS about one of his favorite topics. Niles is an expert at making steak, perfectly seared on the outside, tender and pink on the inside. We were in a grocery store the other day, looking at the meats section, and I realized: I know very little about the cuts of meat – I mean, obviously I’ve heard the names, but I didn’t really understand which part of the animal each of them came from, or how they were different – so I made Niles give me a lesson. I learned some interesting things!

Niles now wants me to do a Sauceome comic where he explains how to make a steak perfectly, and I’m okay with that if you guys are.

PS! A while back, I drew a bunch of Pok√©mon butcher charts. Please don’t show them to any impressionable children.