WHAT? What do you mean, you forgot how to make a basic maki roll? What am I going to do with you guys? Fortunately the 3-part recipe is over here.

So this is one I threw together this week for some work lunches. It’s inspired by the knockout spicy tuna maki at Hana Restaurant in Rogers Park. They chop the tuna super fine, and mix it in with finely chopped peppers and spicy mayo, and the combination texture – the soft tuna plus the spicy crunch of jalapeƱo – is phenomenal. Normally I don’t chop up my maki fillings that finely, but the charming ladies at Hana have me second-guessing that.

Fair warning: obviously, this recipe is pretty spicy; but that’s why the avocado is there, to balance out the heat. Still, maybe go easy on the wasabi with this one.