Niles and I met some friends at Kuma’s on Sunday for some obscenely tasty burgers. They have two competing specials for March: the Maligno, with spice braised pulled chicken, sriracha, jicama slaw, and mint; and the King Bong, with garlic rosemary pulled pork, spicy mustard glazed onions, smoked Gouda, and crispy strips of prosciutto. I opted for the King Bong, and I have no regrets. The textures are complicated and interesting, and the tastes blend together extremely well. The pulled pork was maybe a little dry, but it was exceedingly well spiced, and the moisture of the melted cheese and the onions more than made up for that. The crispy strips of prosciutto were a super bonus, but honestly the mustard-glazed onions were probably my favorite part.

As always, I ate half of the burger and sat there staring at the second half, knowing full well I would regret it if I ate it, but wanting so badly to eat it anyway. Fortunately one of the servers read my mind and dropped a takeout box in front of me, so now I get to have this delicious burger again later. Hooray!

IN OTHER NEWS: I am just about done sending out the Kickstarter rewards for the Shuteye book! Which means that I can start taking orders for it in earnest. Anyone want a comic book? I’m still finishing up the last few of the more time-consuming rewards for the project, but once those are done, I’m going to be ready to move on to the next project, which I’m really excited about.

Since that one’s going to take a long while to do, I think in the interim I will finally, FINALLY be doing a Sauceome book! After long deliberations, I think I have a pretty good idea of how I want to put it together. It’s going to take a while to collect the print-ready files and lay it out, get quotes, probably run another Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing – so with any luck by that time, I’ll have sold enough Shuteye books to make room for a Sauceome book!