I had always kind of thought it was strange, maybe even silly, that in times of crisis we cook casseroles for each other. It used to seem like such a powerless thing; we can’t help someone recover from illness or overcome grief, but we want so badly to help that we have to do SOMETHING, so we bake up giant pans of carbohydrates and cheese.

However, since this is my first time taking care of someone recovering from surgery, can I tell you how AMAZINGLY AWESOME it is to have even just ONE meal that I don’t have to worry about preparing? Everyone who brought us food, you guys are the best. I have a much improved opinion of casseroles these days.

If I tell you that Niles is doing really well and recovering extremely quickly, will the casseroles stop coming?

UPDATE: OMG. I almost forgot to mention! I’m going to be at Chicago Zinefest on Saturday, at table 31, next to the always awesome Corinne Mucha. I will also be giving a presentation on my Kickstarter project from 1:45-2:45. It’s free! Come down and say hi!