I might be done with Tokyo comics, I’m not quite sure yet. But in the meantime, here’s what’s been going on. Mostly, Niles got minor surgery, which kind of freaked both of us out, even though it was a monumentally common and routine kind of procedure, and he’s actually doing really well and recovering super quickly. Which makes the three or four dozen anxiety cranes that are strewn about my house and office seem kind of silly, at this point. I’m working hard to get all the Kickstarter rewards sent out, and in my copious spare time I have decided to pick up a new video game, and also a 1000-page book, for some reason. Times are strange, for sure. But the dust should settle soon, and then we can get back to whatever normal is.

Hey, did you know I’m doing a signing at Chicago Comics this weekend? Well I am! You should come! (Please come!)