Fortunately for me, the Ramen Museum had brochures in lots of different languages, including English. So while I couldn’t read the exhibits or figure out the menus or anything on my own, at the very least I could be of some use deciphering the level map. It was hard to figure out where to start with NINE distinct ramen restaurants at our disposal (and a bar!) but we settled on a tonkotsu place from Tokyo. I’ve had miso, shoyu, and tonkotsu ramen now, and tonkotsu is probably my favorite, with miso running a close second. I’ve never had the shio (salt) base ramen before. It doesn’t sound as appetizing as the others, but on the other hand, I probably wouldn’t turn down a bowl of it either.

Just a little bit more of the ramen museum to go, and then I’ll move on, I promise.