So, criminy. What Harajuku calls “crepes” is something else entirely. I mean, a crepe is involved, sure. Check it out. These things are filled with copious amounts of whipped cream, strawberry slices, entire scoops of ice cream, slices of cheesecake… even down at the bottom of that case, some are filled with Caesar salad or dried salmon. Niles and I split one with green tea cheesecake in it – it was just as sweet and rich and decadent as it sounds. I could never have eaten an entire one on my own, but oh man, am I ever happy we got to try one!

One more reminder! Tomorrow, Saturday February 11th is the release party for my new graphic novel, Shuteye! Come on by, I’ll be signing books and selling prints and stuff, it’ll be great! Also there will be booze!