I wasn’t really expecting to find a lot of beers in Tokyo, much less really good beers. To be fair, most places seemed to have a number of shochu and nihonshu choices, and pretty much just one “nama” or draft beer, which was something light like Asahi. But beer is a growing industry in Japan, and Niles’s brother knew a bunch of great little beer places for us to try. It wasn’t cheap, but it was good stuff. We visited Popeye in Ryogoku, the Baird taprooms in Harajuku and Yokohama, and McCann’s Irish Bar (where they were having a session night and traditional Irish dancing! That was crazy awesome, watching traditional Irish dancing to live Irish music in Tokyo.)

They were all great, but I think my favorite was the Iwatekura Oyster Stout. As it happens, oyster stouts aren’t all THAT unusual. It was delicious, not overly shellfishy, but it was dark and sweet with a warm, slightly salty edge to it.

Augh, I miss Tokyo so much already, you guys. But I think drinking all the dark beers I want would probably bankrupt me there. Maybe we don’t have heated coffee in cans in vending machines here, but at least I can afford all the stouts and porters I want.