Hey everyone, we’re back!! I don’t think I’ve ever been so heartbroken to leave a place. The food was amazing, the people were so incredibly friendly, the sights were gorgeous… we had seriously the very best time. I’m still a little disoriented and jetlagged, but I’m getting back to normal.

So our very first night there, we checked into our hotel in Ueno, dropped off the bags, and headed out with Sam’s brother to look for a place to eat. We found a great little hole in the wall place that served okonomiyaki and yakisoba, cooked up on tabletop grills. It was amazing! My oyster okonomiyaki was incredible – giant, juicy, perfectly cooked oysters on top of a crispy okonomiyaki. It was a perfect first meal in Tokyo.

I’ll be doing a bunch of comics about things we ate in Tokyo over the next few days; also, I’m foregoing the food diary part of this comic for a little while – the Shuteye book is almost ready, and I’m going to be pretty busy rolling it out, so any little thing I can do to save time right now is awesome.