Holy crap you guys, I’m in Japan! I figured I wouldn’t have the time or ability to post anything from Japan, so I made a few little drawings to tide you over til I get back. I thought it would be such a cute idea to draw the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten, but as you’ll see over the next few days, they’re not really that weird. I pride myself on having a pretty adventurous palate, but maybe I’m not that adventurous after all? Or maybe these things just don’t seem that adventurous to me anymore? Who knows.

Anyway, #5! Right here in Chicago, at the Bad Apple, you can get this decadently rich burger. Peanut butter on a burger may seem pretty counterintuitive, but it definitely works in this context. Not something I’d eat every day, but delicious for a once-in-a-while kind of thing.