The timing of this all wrong, btw. DDLL happened on Friday night, and this is technically Monday’s page.

I can’t think how many times this idea has occurred to me, by the way, the idea that I am the fattest person in a room. It’s rarely true, even if it feels like it. And even if it IS true, no one else is sitting there thinking, oh look, it’s Sarah, the fattest person in the room. A lot of them are probably thinking that they’re the zittiest/shortest/lankiest/palest/whateverest in the room. We’re all bundles of insecurity sometimes, I bet.

Also, I wasn’t really like this the whole time during DDLL. I may have had a moment or two, but it was a great event, I met some amazing and incredibly talented people, I made some new friends and read some new comics. Ladies who make comics, they are the awesomest. :)