So this conversation with Eliza Frye actually happened a while ago, and it happened over instant messaging. I feel like most of my best Sauceome-related conversations happen over iChat or g-chat, but it’s not very exciting to draw 8 panels of me sitting at a computer typing. And Eliza’s in town (you should buy her book, it’s breathtakingly beautiful) as I write this, too! So let’s pretend this conversation happened in person.

I know for a fact that I judge myself too harshly in most departments, and I thought it was interesting that I was feeling the same despair about old artwork as I do about photos of myself. It’s an image, frozen in time, committed to paper, and it’s just so easy for me to only see the flaws.

Anyway. Shuteye is actually completely laid out by now. It’s 300 pages! I can’t even believe I’ve drawn that many pages. And I don’t hate the Castling pages in it anymore. I’m slowly learning to look at my work (and myself) with a more forgiving eye.