All right! I’m feeling much better now, but between hammering away at the Shuteye book, getting sick, and the general chaos of the holidays, I took a little unscheduled break there, sorry about that. Here’s the delicious (if non traditional) holiday dinner we had last night. My friend Randi made the biscuits and skillet cornbread, I made a giant pot of vegetarian chili (and was complimented multiple times on balancing the spices so well), and Niles put together these weird but amazingly delicious little lobster pizza things. We all cleaned out the dark heavy beers we’d been saving, and we even had a Buche de Noel cake! I think I’ll devote an entire comic to that thing.

Anyway, I’m still moving too slow to do the food diary bits, but I promise we’ll be back to normal by Wednesday’s comic. Happy holidays!