This will be a brief one, because I’m feeling under the weather, and I’m cheating a little bit because I drew this a while ago and just never uploaded it. But it’s double-sized, to make up for it! The only thing that makes this almost vegetarian is the Worcestershire sauce, which few people ever seem to remember contains anchovies. I love this recipe, because this is the type of cooking that I’m best at – throwing a bunch of things in a pot, improvising with amounts and ingredients and spices until you get it juuuuust right. But I especially love this recipe in the winter time, because it’s so hearty and good for you. Vegetables galore! Three types of beans! And if you add portobello mushroom, chopped super, super fine, it even tastes like it’s got meat in it.

Okay. If I can manage to fight this cold off for the holiday, this will be our Christmas dinner, along with skillet cornbread and a Buche de Noël. And now I’m going to sleep and cross my fingers that this virus doesn’t decide to stay with me for very long.